Key to the stiffines

Custom elliptical carbon tubes

Using our own elliptic tubes allows maximum rigidity of the carbon boom whilst delivering minimal weight. We use tubes with variable wall thickness: the front area of the carbon boom has extra thick wall for maximum stiffnes, while middle part has reduced wall thickness to keep the weight down. On upper side of extension tube we also use thicker wall to guarantee better connection with the adjust pin. We use mostly natural cork grip for its superior feel while holding the boom, endurance and warmth during cold weather sailing. To keep the highest quality of our carbon booms we use the best possible components like Ronstan® rollers, Clamcleat® cleats and a boom head of your choice.

Focus on detail

Each boom type has special tube dimension:

  • 28 x 31,5 mm formula, race and slalom boom for best rigidity.
  • 26,5 x 28 mm slalom slim boom for more control.
  • 25,5 x 27 mm heavy-duty wave boom.
  • 24 x 26 mm wave ultralight boom for better handling.
  • New 3D printed clips fits perfect to each tube dimension, to provide best connection between main tube and extesion tube.

Think different

Oversized tail end

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. On most carbon booms the end piece is the weakest point of the boom, because of smaller diameter of tubes. So we decide to go the opposite way and make our back end the strongest part of our boom. We use a bigger diameter tail end to connect with the front part. This achieves the ultimate rigidity paired with low weight.

All shapes - ultralight

All shapes - standard