NEW ultralight carbon boom

All new ultralight carbon boom for foil and racing – extremely lightweight.
0,5 kg lighter than the lightest carbon boom on the market,
with new carbon headboom lever,
96 grams lighter than the original plastic lever.

2021 carbon booms

New collection with brand new dark cork grip is out now!


  • Our booms are the stiffest carbon booms on the market with less than 3% brittleness and we also give 2 years warranty.
  • You can choose your boom head.
  • We use tubes with narrow diameter (for slalom and formula – 27mm vertical x 31mm horizontal) which are easier to hold.
  • When you take apart the boom then both pieces are smaller than 175cm (incl. formula boom).
  • All the products are hand made by the company owner himself to give a personal service and guarantee the best quality.
  • X-Boom je proste „Créme de la créme“ windsurfingovych rahien.
    Patrik Pollák
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    Think different

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. On most carbon booms the end piece is the weakest point of the boom, because of smaller diameter of tubes. So we decide to go the opposite way and make our back end the strongest part of our carbon boom. We use a bigger diameter tail end to connect with the front part. This achieves the ultimate rigidity.

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