Foil Course Race

Ultralight: 0,5 kg lighter than the lightest carbon boom on the market.

  • Shorter front part of the boom and longer backend not only helps to reduce the weight, but it also moves forward the center of gravity, making your rig even more reactive then before.
  • Elliptical outline shape that allows greater shape of the sail for the downwind.
  • Adjustable up to 25 cm in length.
  • New carbon headboom lever, 96 grams lighter than the original plastic lever.

foil dimension

min-max inner width tail width tube diameterrollersweightprice
cm cm cm mm pcs kg EUR

The price include boom front with carbon frontend lever.

Because of the production of the booms is 100% handcrafted, the sizes are approximeted. According to customer wish we can produce other sizes and width.

Front end

We recommand Maui sails ®boom head

Maui sails ®boom head with new carbon lever. Custom carbon headboom lever is 96 grams lighter than the original plastic lever. Maui sails ®boom head for its balanced rigidity, flexibility and endurance.

Back end

he width of the tail section has got to match each boom size and its use. A wider tail end generates more power, but for greater control, a narrower tail is recommended. Our Slalom Slim boom has a narrower tail width to give greater control. Our Formula Extra Wide tail width increases to 29cm, this allows to reduce the outhole and makes the sail profile deeper.